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Garment Care

To increase longevity of apparel, wash clothing inside out, in cold water, and hand dry.

- Pre-wash garments. Wash twice on gentle cycle with detergent before wear.


Follow these instructions each time you wash your garments:

- Do not use fabric softener or a detergent that contains fabric softener.

- Wash immediately after wear. Do not allow stains to set.

- Turn garments inside out prior to washing (except for jackets, pullovers, bags).

- If stains are still visible in the garments, wash again. Do not dry util stains are removed.

- Use cold water.

- Do no bleach.

- Air dry only.

- Do no iron.


The following information is helpful tips shared from a community member:


Brighten up uniform and remove lingering odors, including smoke or stale odors.

For Laundry Stripping: add 1/4 C each of Borax, Arm & Hammer Washing Soda and Powdered Detergent (inexpensive powders work just as well for stripping)
Add all three powders to a tub full of HOT water (or a pre-filled top-load washer), stir well and add clothes (separate batches whites, colors, bedding and towels).  
Let sit 1-4 hours (whites take the longest), stirring occasionally, then transfer to washer and run your regular load (do not add extra soap). Try Oxi Clean White Revive to keep whites white after strip treatment. Do this between stripping cycles (every few months is recommended as things start to look dingy). If you find that the stripping process “roughs up” the fibers of the shirts a bit, it should soften up after a couple of wears and washes.