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Saint Paul’s Place is the official store for Juan Diego Catholic High School, Juan Diego Catholic Schools, Saint John the Baptist Middle School, Saint John the Baptist Elementary, Guardian Angel Daycare, & Skaggs Catholic Center - uniform apparel, spirit apparel, spirit items, tailgating products and JD memorabilia. JDCHS logos are registered trademarks. Unauthorized reproduction of school logo and image representing JDCHS logo(s) font/color scheme is not allowed. Unauthorized persons or companies producing merchandise will be contacted for cease and desist of product(s) at the owner(s) expense. Saint Paul’s Place store is the only authorized retailer of JDCHS uniform apparel, spirit apparel, spirit items, tailgating products and memorabilia. All non-uniform apparel or merchandise sold, by law, must have sales tax collected, reported and submitted to the Utah State Tax Commission.



AUTHORIZATION - Pre-authorization is required for ALL Juan Diego logo’d uniforms, gear, apparel and spirit items. Chris Long authorizes sports uniform and equipment, Sharon Shelkey authorizes all other imprinted products.

JDCHS IDENTITY - Apparel must include one of the following copyright registered trademarks; Juan Diego Catholic High School, JDCHS, Juan Diego crest logo, JD/Eagle logo, and/or Eagle logo. May also add: JD logo, Soaring Eagle logo, and/or JD logo. COLORS - Navy Blue, Turquoise, Silver, White, Charcoal Grey and Light Grey. Black allowed with prior approval for JD Fine Arts faculty and students only, no spirit apparel. All others - NO BLACK. Red Rose by request, must receive prior approval. MASCOT - JDCHS school mascot is Soaring Eagle. DO NOT use EAGLE soley without combining Soaring Eagle together.

CEAST AND DESIST - any company or person producing Juan Diego Catholic High School apparel or merchandise without prior approval from Saint Paul’s Place management must halt production immediately. No orders, no re-orders without the written consent of Saint Paul’s Place manager at Skaggs Catholic Center, LLC.