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Customer support

Contact the Saint Paul's Place team members to answer your product and service questions. Representatives are happy to help you make purchasing decisions. 801-984-7647.

1.1 Can I order apparel to support my child's activity?

We are happy to help you select apparel or spirit gear and show you the options for custom embroidery or printing. Some orders are completed in the same day, please allow production time for items not carried in stock. Contact us at (801) 984-7647 or email: [email protected]



1.2 Can you embroider a name and graduation date?

SPP offers personalized embroidery services on blankets and apparel items purchased at our store. Sport name, athlete's number, school activity, name, or graduation date are popular requests.



2.1 Where can I take my purchases for alterations?

Some alterations businesses in the area:

Michelle's Alterations - 801-572-8241

Irene's Alterations - call or text 801-860-8616

Alexis Helm Slotes Alterations & Repair - 801-918-0549

Julia Alterations & Tailoring - 801-424-3364, [email protected]


Free Do-It-Yourself:

Pants - Saint Paul's Place offers do-it-yourself free iron-on hemming packets to shorten pants. Iron-on packets come with instructions. Available while supplies last.

2.2 What do you recommend for washing instructions?

To increase longevity of apparel, wash clothing inside out, in cold water, and hand dry.


2.3 How can I make the navy pants look less worn?

Some customers shared their secret to longevity, dye solid navy apparel. Follow instructions on the package.


2.4 Is there a warranty on uniforms?

A+ School Apparel guarantees uniform replacement for defects only after inspection within 60 days of purchase. A manufacturer defect should be clearly visible within 30 days of purchase. The life span of wearing the same shirt or pair of pants decreases with continued wear. It is typical to purchase more than one uniform item to continue a fresh appearance and increase the shelf life. Used, traded, second hand, and uniform exchanged apparel from school programs will not be accepted for manufacture defect.


2.5 Do you have an uniform exchange program?

SPP will accept used uniforms to donate to schools or students in need. Contact your school office for uniform exchange programs and event dates.


2.6 Garment Care

To increase longevity of apparel, wash clothing inside out, in cold water, and hand dry.


Follow these instructions each time you wash your garments:

- Pre-wash garments. Wash twice on gentle cycle with detergent before wear.

- Do not use fabric softener or a detergent that contains fabric softener.

- Wash immediately after wear. Do not allow stains to set.

- Turn garments inside out prior to washing (except for jackets, pullovers, bags).

- If stains are still visible in the garments, wash again. Do not dry util stains are removed.

- Use cold water.

- Do no bleach.

- Air dry only.

- Do no iron.