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Saint Paul’s Place Uniforms & Apparel

Human Resources - Jo Cendagorta

Finance Director - Dave Simpson

Store Manager/Buyer - Sharon Shelkey

Team Orders - Michelle Lambert

Project Coordinator - Susan Bruder

Graphic Designer/Campus and Team Sport Orders - Michelle Lambert

Customer Service/BTS Shift Supervisor - Kristina Baker

Merchandising Displays - Jenn Wilker

Apparel Decorator - Eileen Pozzi

Interns/Associates - Juan Diego Catholic High School Retail Students


The Spirit Shop Custom Orders & Fair Trade

Business Development - Dr. Galey Colosimo

Finance Director - Dave Simpson

Human Resources - Jo Cendagorta

Buyer/Production Manager - Sharon Shelkey

Computer Specialist - Eric Browning

Customer Accounts - Judy Greene

Custom Orders - Michelle Lambert

Graphic Design - Michelle Lambert

Apparel Decorating - Michelle Lambert, Eileen Pozzi, Jennifer Wilker, Camille Beran & Interns

Social Media – April van der Sluys, Mickelle Marston, Kim Anderson, and Felicia Frakes

Instructors/Training - Sharon Shelkey and Dave Simpson



Contact The Spirit Shop for custom embroidery and screen print/heat transfer for school uniforms, apparel, and spirit items.

We strive to become an eco-friendly company where possible. We focus on conscious earth-friendly efforts to take necessary precautions to minimize waste.



Most custom orders available 5-7 business turnaround: choose your apparel, choose your logo and imprint options. Some orders can be completed 1-2 business days. Please allow extra production time during busy peak seasons and backordered inventory.



Authorized uniform dealer A+ School Apparel Uniforms. A+ does not use toxic substances on uniform products that are harmful to people or the environment. 



Authorized Nike school approved uniform shoe dealer Eastbay. SPP also carries Converse & Vans school approved uniform shoe products.



Juan Diego Catholic Schools Nike Team Uniforms. Nike team uniforms - Eastbay and Eastbay Team Sales



Juan Diego Catholic High School retail interns learn retail management and marketing through the support of Saint Paul’s Place managerial team. Senior high school student interns service customers, experience buying, purchasing, inventory management and marketing. Interns learn and complete visual merchandising and display projects. Assignments throughout the school season include creating marketing strategies, tracking its progress and end results. JDCHS senior students apply by application and interview process. Employment and volunteer opportunities throughout the school season.



Saint Paul’s Place is the official store for Juan Diego Catholic High School - uniform apparel, spirit apparel, spirit items, tailgating products and JD memorabilia. JDCHS logos are registered trademarks. Unauthorized reproduction of school logo and image representing JDCHS logo(s) font/color scheme is not allowed. Unauthorized persons or companies producing merchandise will be contacted for cease and desist of product(s) at the owner(s) expense. Saint Paul’s Place store is the only authorized retailer of JDCHS uniform apparel, spirit apparel, spirit items, tailgating products and memorabilia. All non-uniform apparel or merchandise sold, by law, must have sales tax collected, reported and submitted to the Utah State Tax Commission.



JDCHS IDENTITY - Apparel must include one of the following copyright registered trademarks; Juan Diego Catholic High School, JDCHS, Juan Diego crest logo, JD/Eagle logo, and/or Eagle logo. May also add: JD logo, Soaring Eagle logo, and/or JD logo. COLORS - Navy Blue, Turquoise, Silver, White, Charcoal Grey and Light Grey. Black allowed with prior approval for JD Fine Arts faculty and students only, no spirit apparel. All others - NO BLACK. Red Rose by request, must receive prior approval. MASCOT - JDCHS school mascot is Soaring Eagle. DO NOT use EAGLE soley without combining Soaring Eagle together.

CEAST AND DESIST - any company or person producing Juan Diego Catholic High School apparel or merchandise without prior approval from Saint Paul’s Place management must halt production immediately. No orders, no re-orders without the written consent of Saint Paul’s Place manager at Skaggs Catholic Center, LLC.


PURCHASING PROCEDURES for Juan Diego Campus Schools Faculty, Staff, Coaches, & Volunteers

SPIRIT APPAREL WEAR must be ordered through Saint Paul’s Place. All apparel items representing JDCHS worn by faculty, staff, students, athletes and coaches during practices, games, school and spirit dress occasions. These items include, but not limited to: wicking shirts, t-shirts, shorts, sweatshirts, hoodies, sweatpants, warm-up pants, warm-up jackets, caps, hats, duffle bags.

SPECIFIC UNIFORM APPAREL WEAR must be pre-approved and authorized signature obtained through Saint Paul’s Place. Sport specific uniforms include baseball, cheer, drill, football, hockey, softball, swimming, and wrestling.

FUND RAISING - DO NOT compete with the SPP store fundraising goals. SPP can assist members of the co-op program to locate non-competing items utilizing authorized suppliers. For non competing Juan Diego Catholic Schools fund-raising, please contact [email protected]

UTAH STATE SALES TAX - All non-uniform apparel or items sold, by law, must have sales tax collected, reported and submitted to the Utah State Tax Commission.