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Available for the following school:
St. Francis, Saint Francis, SF

K-8th with White Oxford


Regular and half sizes are NOT in between sizes. 7girls and 7half have completely different waistlines!

Regular - Average Build (average weight for age)

Half - Wider hip and leg (muscular build). Girls half sizes refer to a cut that is roomier in the seat and thigh and has a longer rise from front to back. Sometimes petite in height, fuller seat or smaller waist with fuller hips.


4R, waist 21"/length 13"

5R, waist 22"/length 14"

6R, waist 23"/length 15"

6X, waist 24"/length 16"

7R, waist 24"/length 17"

8R, waist 24.5"/length 18.5"

10R, waist 25.5"/length 21"

12R, waist 26.5"/length 20.5"

14R, waist 28"/length 20.5"

16R, waist 29.5"/length 21"



6.5, waist 27.5"/length 18"

7.5, waist 28.5"/length 19"

8.5, waist 29.5"/length 20"

10.5, waist 30.5"/length 21"

12.5, waist 21"/length 19.5"

14.5, waist 33.5"/length 22.25"

18.5, waist 36.5"/length 23.75"

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