Saint Olaf Plaid Jumper

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Saint Olaf Plaid Jumper
K-3rd grades only



Regular and half sizes are NOT in between sizes. 7girls and 7half have completely different waistlines!

Regular - Average Build (average weight for age)

Half - Wider hip and leg (muscular build). Girls half sizes refer to a cut that is roomier in the seat and thigh and has a longer rise from front to back. Sometimes petite in height, fuller seat or smaller waist with fuller hips.



3R - Waist 20"/Length 21"

4R - Waist 21"/Length 22 1/2"

5R - Waist 22"/Length 24"

6R - Waist 23"/Length 25 1/2"

7R - Waist 24"/Length 28 1/2"

8R - Waist 24 1/2"/Length 30"

10R - Waist 25 1/2"/Length 32 1/2"


6.5 - Waist 27 1/2"/Length 26 1/2"

7.5 - Waist 28 1/2"/Length 28 1/2"


Did you know uniforms are ordered several months prior to back to school?

SPP plaid manufacturer requires up to 8 weeks for production and 72 piece minimum. Orders are placed in December for the following school delivery in August. The inventory sizes and quantities ordered are based on projected sales for remainder school season and analyzing 3-5 year sales history. Experienced sales staff will offer solutions if we experience inventory demands. Please be flexible if this occurs.

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