Boys Shorts Navy

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Worn 1st and 4th quarters ONLY

Boys relaxed fit plain front pants with quarter top front pockets and double knees. Gusto Plus Twill 65%/35% cotton with adjustable waistband.


Slim - Slim/Thin Build, boys sizes (under the average weight for age)

Regular - Average Build (average weight for age)

Prep - Less than average, slim fit (available 27 prep through 30 prep only)

Husky - Wider hip and leg, muscular build, shorter length in comparison to mens prep/regular


mens size pants true to size, do not come with adjustable waistbands


Available for the following schools:
St. John the Baptist Elementary School, Saint John, SJBES
St. John the Baptist Middle School, Saint John, SJBMS
St. Vincent de Paul School, Saint Vincent, SV
St. Francis Xavier School, Saint Francis, SF
St. Olaf School, Saint Olaf, SO



5S Waist 20.5"

6S Waist 21"

7S Waist 21.5"

8S Waist 22"

9S Waist 22.5"

10S Waist 23"

11S Waist 23.5"

12S Waist 23.5"

14S Waist 25"

16S Waist 26"



5R Waist 22.5"

6R Waist 23"

7R Waist 23.5"

8R Waist 24"

9R Waist 24.5"

10R Waist 25"

11R Waist 25.5"

12R Waist 26"

14R Waist 27"

16R Waist 28"



mens sizes only



mens sizes with adjustable waistband

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